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Summary of Full Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with A+ King Services & Entertainment, D.B.A Thorgi Arts with Zipper (TAWZ), you understand and will confirm that you agree to our Full Terms and Conditions. Please review the Full Terms and Conditions before placing an order and/or requesting a commission with TAWZ.

Click here to read the Full Terms and Conditions.

Commissioner expectations: TAWZ will do their best to provide and create a product commission as described and agreed upon in your product and/or commission request. Custom items ordered from Thorgi Arts with Zipper (TAWZ) are handmade artistic expressions and/or representations of a commissioner’s requests in the Thorgi Arts with Zipper style, which is not a guarantee of an exact replica of descriptions, references or the style of ANY previous TAWZ products.

TAWZ will schedule orders for production after each has been paid in full, whereupon TAWZ will provide the commissioner with an estimated delivery window or expected time of receipt. Each individual order(s) wait time, production time, and delivery date will vary based on the uniqueness of the design(s), supply, and/or production factors. While TAWZ will make every effort to complete orders by an estimated delivery date, orders may be subject to delay due to unforeseen and/or changing circumstances. 

Changes and/or Modification requests: After an order has been placed, if you wish to change the design, TAWZ will make every effort to accommodate your wishes IF AND ONLY IF circumstances allow. TAWZ has the sole discretion whether to accept changes and/or modification requests, which may result in changes to the order estimate and/or to the production schedule and delivery date or expected time of receipt.

Payment Plans and Schedules: TAWZ may agree to accept payments for an order in installments or an agreed upon schedule. If you experience difficulty that prevents adherence to an agreed upon payment plan and/or schedule, please contact TAWZ before the payment due date to discuss the situation and new to make new arrangements if needed, OR if necessary to cancel the order.

Cancellations and Refunds: If you cancel your order or your order is canceled due to a breach of contract or agreed upon terms, TAWZ will determine what portion of payment, if any, will be refunded and/or returned. If TAWZ has to cancel an order at no fault of yours, TAWZ will refund all payments less funds spent on materials. Cancellation of orders by either party does not entitle commissioners to any portion of work or materials. TAWZ reserves the right to complete and sell canceled projects at their own sole discretion.

Product variations: Every custom product is unique, and the look of each will be affected by the designer's determination based upon the availability of raw materials. By requesting a product commission you understand and agree to accept that finished orders may have minor variations and/or cosmetic differences from order specifications and TAWZ's prior work without materially affecting product quality or value. 

Incorrect Product Delivered: TAWZ makes great effort during production and before delivery to check in and share work-in-progress photos and notes with our commissioners to make sure they're satisfied with the product's design and construction. If you believe you've received an incorrect product, contact TAWZ before using the product to discuss the issue and sort things out. TAWZ has sole discretion to investigate and validate claims and determine the proper resolution.

Commissioner's Responsibilities & Limitation of Liability: You guarantee that you have the necessary rights to order a product created in the image of your order's specifications. You understand and accept the risks inherent in wearing costumes, and you claim sole responsibility for the product's safe use. TAWZ cannot be held liable by anybody for the effects of commissioner or third-party behavior. 

TAWZ Commission Product Warranty: TAWZ will do its best to deliver a satisfactory product as expected. TAWZ conducts thorough quality assurance checks on every product before it ships. All TAWZ products come with a 90-day warranty covering manufacturing defects. When you receive the product, you are responsible for inspecting it thoroughly to confirm its suitability and receipt of all expected parts. The TAWZ warranty will not cover incorrect sizing due to a product commissioner’s submission of incorrect measurements, or damage that is caused by or can be contributed to excess and/or destructive use and/or intentional damage. Any modification of the product made by a third party and/or by the commissioner without prior approval by TAWZ will void the warranty. If you believe your product has a manufacturing defect, stop using it immediately and contact TAWZ with a description and documentation of the issue, and we will discuss next steps. TAWZ has the sole discretion to determine proper resolution of warranty claims.

Delivery and/or Receipt of a product commission: When an order is finished, TAWZ will contact you via the agreed upon method of communication to confirm the shipping details and with an expected delivery window, and will not send the package until a destination for delivery is confirmed to be the correct shipping address for the expected time of delivery. Most U.S. commissioners will receive free shipping (not including insurance) through a major carrier of TAWZ's choice; other commissioners will be responsible for shipping costs calculated at the time of delivery. TAWZ will not be responsible for any additional costs.  If you are unsure that you are located in a part of the U.S. that can receive free shipping, please contact us to confirm prior to a requested product commission.

Non-Discrimination: At Thorgi Arts with Zipper, nothing is more important than the well-being of our clients and their liberty for free expression. We work hard to create an environment that promotes diversity at all levels of our business. We proudly serve all communities and do not tolerate any practices that discriminates against any individual. We strive to create welcoming and diverse environment for our customers, whether they work with us in person or online.

Disclaimer: TAWZ operates from a home with pets.  If you are alergic to any pets, including but not limited to, Rats, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles and more, TAWZ cannot be held repsonsible should you decide to continue with an order of retail products or commissioned products, custom or not, of artwork and/or costumes.  This includes, but not limited to, all products ordered from the online store or the onsite store found at any retial locations around the United States.

Click here to read the Full Terms and Conditions text of the Thorgi Arts with Zipper Terms and Conditions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks again for your interest in a Thorgi Arts with Zipper fursuit commission!

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