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Beep Beep was created when I was doodling one day, a cute little corgi character came to mind who was just so excited that he had his little paws on his cheeks, full of excitement!  After having him around for a long while as a sticker, I decided to have him be my first character that I had turned into a plush.  Sweet, huggable and absolutely adorable Beep Beep would make a great addition to any plush collection!


Beep Beep is made of Minky Fabric, with thread embroidery and a hard plastic felted nose. He stands roughly 8 inches tall from bottom to ear tips, and has a Faux fur blue hair poof.

Take Beep Beep home today for a sweet little cuddle buddy.

Beep Beep the Plush Corgi

SKU: 0002