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Fursuit Commission Information

For easy access we will be posting all of our fursuit openings here as well as our social media pages.

Current Fursuit Commission Openings:

Accepting quotes for Winter 2021 Suits now!

Interested in commissioning us? Here is some helpful information!

  • You must be 18 years of age to order.  If you are under 18, your parents will have to contact us directly as your commission would be under their name.  We do not suggest getting body suits if you are under 18.

  • We do accept payment plans, please know that we charge a 30% non refundable upfront fee, this covers material costs to start your suit.

  • Turn around times vary due to current work load and events planned.  All of our staff are heavily involved in Alamo City Furry Invasion so we are very busy around September to October.

  • Slots will open on a random basis as we finish up current work loads and are allowed to comfortably accept new customers.

Pricing Information:

All prices in USD

Heads 800 to 1200

Gloves 75 to 300

Indoor/Outdoor Paws 200 to 400

Plantigrade Body Suits 800 to 2000

Digigrade Body Suits 2000 to 3000

Tails  20 to 400

Wings Etc 100 to 500

When submitting for a quote please include

Information such as type of hand paws

feetpaws, accessories (extra zippers, lining,

led lights, ect)

Get a Fursuit Quote!


Thanks for submitting!

*For information on TAWZ Terms and Conditions for Fursuit Commissions

click here.

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