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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAWZ?

TAWZ stands for Thorgi Arts with Zipper, the reason for the long name is just a silly little story.  We had already filed for the DBA before zipper came on, so it was easier to edit it and just add with zipper at the end.  So now at least we have a silly start and a cool acronym.

What does your company do?

We love to create!  Plain and simple.  We dabble in Fursuits, Plushes, Art Dolls, Traditional Paintings, Sculptures, Digital Art and MORE!

How much experience do you have?

Thorgi and Zipper have both been making suits for at least 4 years together.  Please see our completed works in our Featured Creatures Gallery!

Do you do commissions?

We usually announce a few days before hand when we are going to open commission slots and what type slots they will be.  Slots can range from digital art to fursuits.

What is the wait time on commissions?

Wait times vary depending on complexity of project. Our turn around time is currently slowed as we work on finishing up our commission list, but we are also working on speeding this process up since this is now a full time business. 

Do you do payment plans?

Payment plans usually start with a 30% non refundable starting fee, this is the initial fee to buy all materials to start your project.  This portion is non refundable because materials have already been purchased for your product, so it is very important that you make note of this portion if you are wishing to commission us for a fursuit.

Where do I get a Quote for a commission?

When we open our slots we will also post the form to fill out to request a commission spot for the batch of slots released.

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